Monday, August 13, 2007

Catherine's Journey Begins

We had the great pleasure of attending Catherine's White Coat Ceremony last Friday, marking her induction into the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. She has four years of hard work ahead of her on the way to becoming an MD, but we know she has the smarts and the motivation to do well.

The last week she was home, we went to Bodies ... The Exhibition at Easton Mall. If you get a chance to see this here, or in your city, I highly recommend it. It is a magnificent collection of dissected human bodies, treated by a method which infuses the tissue with clear plastics which preserves the detail, but prevents decay. It's not gross - it really isn't.

It's very gratifying when the kids become experts in their fields, and can teach the parents. Elizabeth certainly knows more about music, in theory and in performance, than either of her parents. She's putting it to work serving others, as a teacher.

And as Catherine and I walked around this exhibit, I loved hearing her talk about the systems of the human body, and how they worked. She was the teacher, I was the student

Today, Catherine's classes begin. Hope it's a blast for you kid! We're very proud.

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