Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Big Red 1

Well the snowplow took out the mailbox again. They blast past our place at 40+mph, and the snow flying off their blades leaves a line of mangled mailboxes along the road. That's why I buy cheap ones 2-3 at a time. That was my last spare...

I didn't go out to get the mail yesterday - it's a couple hundred yards to the mailbox from our house. I found a couple pieces of mail laying on the ground nearby - hope that was all there was. One piece was a tax document. This is the time of the year when those start showing up.

The other was a CD in a padded envelope that I've been meaning to mail to a friend for months, but was too lazy to go buy the necessary envelope. I finally went to the post office last Weds, and found a long line. So I tried out the self-service postage machine. It weighed the package, I answered a couple of questions, it took my credit card, and said it was dispensing the postage. Except it didn't. Luckily it printed my receipt. So I got into the long line.

When I finally got to the counter and explained the problem, the person said "Oh that machine is a pain," and took off to go check it out. All I wanted her to do is put the postage I had already paid for on the package and let me be on my way. But that would mean $1.53 in postage would be unaccounted for, and I'm sure that would throw the bean counters of this organization - which generates annual revenues of $66 billion - into a tizzy.

A few minutes later, she came back with a postage sticker in her hand, which I stuck on the package. After stuffing the package in the mail chute, I happily checked this item off on the to-do list on my smart phone, finally erasing the little red "1" that had been nagging me since the fall.

So today, in the snow, was that dang CD again, in the envelope with the postage sticker the clerk handed to me still affixed, but stamped "Returned to sender for insufficient postage."

I threw it in the trash. Sorry friend, you won't get your CD. I'm not going to deal with that red "1" on my phone any more...