Thursday, July 7, 2005

America the Feudal

Rich vs Poor is not the same thing as Republican vs Democrat or Conservative vs Liberal or Red vs Blue. The political labels aren't anything more than the name of the team and the color of the jersey. I personally have changed my party affiliation at least once (from WV Democrat to OH Republican), and have voted for as many 3rd Party Presidential candidates as anything else. By the way, did you know that in Ohio, you can change your party affiliation when you go to the polls to vote? I work as a Presiding Judge in a local precinct. This past May, the only thing on our ballot was the Republican Primary for local City Council. That means you should get to vote only if you are registered as a Republican, right? Nope, you can walk in, check the box for Republican in the poll signature book and go vote. Until you change it again, you're a Republican. A number of folks registered as Democrats did exactly this so they could have a say in the primary, mainly because the Democrats were going to let all the Republicans run unopposed, so the Republican primary was the same thing as a general election in this case. I don't think this system is wrong, but it is a little disturbing.

But the point is that the game is about power and money, not political ideology. Only idealists think it's about ideology. I think what we have in America is a good old feudal system with a twist -- at regular intervals, the public can change out the Sheriffs, but the Lords stay the same. That's annoying to the Lords, but not the end of their world. They still like our game better than any other alternative.

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